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P14, No.3, & P17 Rifle


  • P14 Stock Lot - Damaged
    $68.00 P14 Stock Lot - Damaged
    Original Item:  Four P-14 stocks (wood only) All stocks may be either warped, cracked, chipped, or personalized. All stocks are below grade to sell as premium stocks...

  • P14 Bolt Tool
    $17.50 Choose Options P14 Bolt Tool
    Both Brass and Steel Available Former Mystery Part:   IDENTIFIED:  "The P.14 tool is probably for stripping the bolt. With bolt open the slot fits over the cocking piece and this can then be pulled to the rear...

  • P14 Firing Pin Protrusion Gauge
    $25.00 P14 Firing Pin Protrusion Gauge
    Original Item:     Marked "Ross" & "RM 303  14" Probably refers to  Remington 303 P14

  • US 1903 & Garand Nickel (short) Oiler (3" long)
    $14.75 US 1903 & Garand Nickel (short) Oiler (3" long)
    1903 and Garand Nickel-Plated Short Oiler.   Approximately 1" shorter than the standard-length oiler. The only markings are pictured on the cap FJF.   Most do not have leather disc on end cap...