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Vickers Special Lots & Unique Items

  • #10 Mk.1 Firing Pin (#10)
    $75.00 #10 Mk.1 Firing Pin (#10)
    Mk.1 Firing Pin

  • Lot 2:  Vickers Canvas Items
    $30.00 Lot 2: Vickers Canvas Items
    Original Items sight case - poor conditionprotractor case - fair conditionstrap: the set appears to be the sling for the No12 Rangefinder (Sprecial thanks to Ian from The Gunners' Store for identifying the...

  • Mk.1 Lock Spring
    $75.00 Mk.1 Lock Spring
    These early pattern springs are also the same as the Maxim.

  • Special Vickers Stainless Fusee
    $85.00 Special Vickers Stainless Fusee
    Marked BSA with logo

  • Vicker's Grip Lot
    $75.00 Vicker's Grip Lot
    Original Items:  Grips are in poor condition.  Includes 2 wooden grips (Poor Condtion), 2 oil reservoirs, 8 poor condtion brushes, handle bushing, and a reservoir cap.

  • Vickers Slide Rule Scale
    $110.00 Vickers Slide Rule Scale
    Original rare slide rule tool MK VIII pattern with wartime markings. Also includes original carvas case with carrying strap.  WW2 marking on inside flap. Various manufacturer markings

  • Vickers Spare Parts Wallet 3 (empty)
    $35.00 Vickers Spare Parts Wallet 3 (empty)
    Original Item:  Condition: as shown.  Buckle isn't hanging-on by much.

  • Vickers Wallet with Spares
    $130.00 Vickers Wallet with Spares
    Original Items:complete extractor assemlby2 x mk2 firing pins2 x mk2 lock springstrigger pin, triggertumblersearrear cover spring lockMk2 muzzle coverMk2 broken shell extractorParts are in excellent conditionThe leather...