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MG34 Unique Parts & Special Lots

  • BRP Photo CDs (2800 photos)
    $12.95 BRP Photo CDs (2800 photos)
    This 2 CD pack contains 2800 photos of MG34 parts and kits, MG42 parts and kits, a few MP40 pictures, and two FG42s.  Most of the pictures are from our cataloging of MG34 and 42 parts purchased domestically and abroad...

  • MG34/42 Basket Drum (Yugo)
    $48.00 MG34/42 Basket Drum (Yugo)
    Yugo 50 rd Basket Drum.   

  • MG34/42 Belt Collection (Suhl) BSW dfb
    $1,000.00 MG34/42 Belt Collection (Suhl) BSW dfb
    Suhl Belt Collection 1 This collection includes all of the codes from the Suhl company from it original Jewish owners (Simson & Co) in 1935 to the last pattern used at the end of WW2. S (Simson & Co)Belt: 11.35 -...