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MG42 Front Section Parts & Bipods

Special MG42 Parts listed here.

  • Bipod
    $85.00 Bipod
    Adjustable Bipod for MG42/53 (Yugo mfg)

  • MG42  Front Receiver Bushing
    $75.00 MG42 Front Receiver Bushing
    New Production - copied exactly from an original part. Barrel sleeve not included, show in top picture for reference only.

  • MG42 / XMG Front Tripod Mount
    $17.50 MG42 / XMG Front Tripod Mount
    MG-42 front tripod mount drilled and counterbored for 6-32 screws (included)   This is the part we install on the MG34 barrel jacket to adapt our XMG rifles to the MG3 ground mount.   Steel with Parkerized...

  • MG42 Front AA Mount Assembly
    $35.00 MG42 Front AA Mount Assembly
    New Production MG-42 Front Anti-Aircraft Speed Ring Mount Copied exactly from an original piece. Includes retaining clip spring and rivets. Speed-ring not included.

  • MG42 Front Sheet Metal Kit (GREAT DEAL)
    $160.00 MG42 Front Sheet Metal Kit (GREAT DEAL)
    •••••• Note the Revision 2 shroud stamping changes (pictured): 1) The holes and vent slots were narrowed to 1/2 finished width to enhance stamping consistency.   2)  Support pillars...

  • MG42 Front Sight Rivets
    $15.00 MG42 Front Sight Rivets
    New Production - sold as set of 2

  • MG42 Rivet Kit
    $30.00 MG42 Rivet Kit
    Includes rivets for: buffer tabs rails rear trigger housing / tripod mount trunion (trunion screw also included) barrel stop front tripod mount rear sight bracket barrel door  front sight front AA post ( AA...

  • PIAT Cleaning Brush
    $4.50 PIAT Cleaning Brush
    Original PIAT bristle brush. Approximately 12" long with 1.5" diameter brush.    Buy 15 and they come in the original/unopened box.   Also, very useful for cleaning the inside of MG34 & MG42 barrel...