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MG42 Parts Kits

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  • MG42 Gunner Kit
    $60.00 Choose Options MG42 Gunner Kit
    Yugo mfg:Hot Barrel MittCanvas Carrying BagBroken Shell Extractor ToolBooster Scrapper ToolFlash-Hider / Booster Spanner Wrench2 Oil BottlesOilerCleaning RodChamber and Bore BrushesPull-ThroughWood-handle pick toolJagAll of...

  • MG42 Rivet Kit
    $30.00 MG42 Rivet Kit
    Includes rivets for: buffer tabs rails rear trigger housing / tripod mount trunion (trunion screw also included) barrel stop front tripod mount rear sight bracket barrel door  front sight front AA post ( AA...