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Swedish M37/39 Individual Parts

  • M31/37 Barrel Jacket Latch
    $5.00 M31/37 Barrel Jacket Latch
    Removed from original receiver

  • M31/37 Front Sight Blade
    $3.00 M31/37 Front Sight Blade
    Original Front Sight Blade

  • M31/37 Mainspring
    $10.00 M31/37 Mainspring
    Original Mainspring

  • M37 Charging Handle
    $25.00 M37 Charging Handle
    Original M37 Charging Assembly: includes; handle, spring, bolt catch, and pin

  • M37 Rear Cap
    $10.00 M37 Rear Cap
    Original Rear Cap in Excellent Condition

  • Sling - Original KP31 like-new condition
    $25.00 Sling - Original KP31 like-new condition
    Original - Like-New Condition Sling

  • Suomi Drum
    $50.00 Suomi Drum
    70rd original Finnish Suomi drum. Works with M31/KP31, M37/39, M45. (not for sale where prohibited) Excellent condition

  • Suomi Drum Tool
    $4.00 Suomi Drum Tool
    Fitted tool for the Suomi Drum Feeder Arm for 1/4" hex drive tool.   It allows you to remove the arm for retensioning the drum.

  • Suomi KP31 / Swed M37 Screws: Stock and Trigger
    $14.50 Suomi KP31 / Swed M37 Screws: Stock and Trigger
    Includes the trigger screw and trigger screw keeper, and stock/tang screw

  • Suomi KP31 Barrel Shim
    $2.75 Suomi KP31 Barrel Shim
    Copied from original parts and made from stainless steel.   Thickness .003"   This part tightens the barrel to jacket fit by 'shimming' the rear collar of the barrel.   This is a very useful part for...