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UHP-15 Receiver

Ultra High Precision (UHP):  The most finely machined lowers on the market.

(FFL Required)

(Not available for online sale.  Call to order.  Buyer must send a copy of his Federal Firearms License prior to ordering. Fax 301-234-0059, email: brpcorp@comcast.net)

The BRP Corp Ultra High Precision (UHP) 15 was specifically made to meet our need for a rugged and precise lower receiver for our XMG Belt-Fed rifles. We hold half of the mil-spec tolerance to ensure exact fits and smooth function.  These lower receivers are fully compatible with common AR parts and accessories.


These lower receivers are machined from forged 7075 aluminum blanks using only the best tooling available.  We take our time making these and it shows in the quality of the machining. Not only are the milled slots and reamed holes precise, they are also clean and smooth.  The internal machining is among the cleanest you will ever see in an AR-type rifle.  Once machined and checked, our receivers are hard-coat anodized.  


We have also included a set screw tightening feature at the rear lug area to eliminated any movement between the upper and lower assemblies.  This is a useful feature for our XMG Belt-Fed rifles and precision shooters.

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  • Medium Hammer Spring
    $8.00 Medium Hammer Spring
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  • Heavy Hammer Spring
    $8.00 Heavy Hammer Spring
    (for Yugo ammo)   **** Increasing hammer spring force will reduce firing pin life.  It can also result in pierced primers for some types of ammo.   Hammer Spring Types:  Medium:  good for just...