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Stemple Takedown Gun (STG) U45/U9SF Package


Product Description

U45/U9 Package

This package is a subgunner's dream.  All in one box you've got a complete package to shoot 45ACP with Grease Gun mags or 9mm with Suomi drums and one suppressor to work with both calibers.  Switching calibers simply requires changing the bolt, barrel, and magazine housing.  It features a simple, smooth-running blow-back system.   With the addition of a hydraulic buffer, these are the most smooth, controllable, and versatile subguns on the transferable market.  It's so smooth due to the weight, layout, and action; you can actually watch your target being hit through a 4x scope while shooting long bursts.   This setup utilizes AR pattern stocks, AR pattern grips, and multiple picatinny mount options for maximum versatility.  This gun is also ideal for use with a suppressor. The extra bolt weigh drastically slows the initial bolt blow-back thereby significantly reducing port noise common in open-bolt / blow-back SMGs.

The package include the following parts: 

• Stemple (STG) U45 Machine Gun with Heavy Bolt System: Variable weight bolt system with hydraulic buffer that allows shooters to customize performance with a variety of different ammo as well as the 45 to 9mm caliber conversion.

• 2 x M3 Grease Gun Magazines

• U9 Converison (bolt, barrel, magazine housing)

• 2 x Suomi Drums

• 1 x Suomi Magazine

• Custom Hard Case

• 45 ACP suppressor for use with both 45 ACP and 9mm setups

• foregrip, bipod, multi-tool, & barrel locknut/muzzle cap tool

  (sights not included)


U45 Data

Select-Fire with Quick-Change Barrel

Ultra-smooth adjustable-weight bolt system with hydraulic buffering for slow M3 Grease-Gun-like shooting performance 

Magazine: M3 Grease Gun (unmodified) 30 rds

Nickel Boron Plated Bolt

Weight: 9.3 lbs

Cycle Rate: 500-750 adjustable system with hydraulic buffer, Select Fire (safe-semi-full)

Stainless Steel Barrel

Barrel Length: 10.35" threaded .578-28, to use common suppressor


U9 (SF) Conversion Data:

Select-Fire with Quick-Change Barrel

Ultra-smooth adjustable-weight bolt system with hydraulic buffering 

Magazine: Suomi KP31 25 rd, 36 rd, 50 rd magazines and 40 rd & 70 rd drums

Nickel Boron Plated Bolt

Weight: 9.3 lbs

Cycle Rate: 550-800 adjustable 

Stainless Steel Barrel

Barrel Length: 10.35" threaded .578-28 to use common suppressor





In 2003, the original inventor, John Stemple collaborated with BRP Corp to make new and replacement parts for the Stemple 76/45 receivers he manufactured prior to the 1986 cutoff.  From this came a series of compatible drop-on parts for the unmodified/transferable Stemple 76/45 receivers known as Stemple Takedown Gun (STG) setups.  Since nothing is welded or hand fitted to these receivers, changing setups and replacing parts is fast and easy.  These are the most finely built and smooth running sub-machine guns on the transferable market.  We build them for performance and durability, stock plenty of high-quality spare parts, and provide excellent service.  There is only a limited number of these pre-1986 registered/transferable machine guns remaining, so get one while they last.

They are ‘new’

Well, the receivers are nearly 30 years old but the Stemple Takedown Gun (STG) setups are complete new parts packages installed on unused pre-1986 transferable Stemple 76/45 machine gun receivers.

Simple / Durable Design

Our guns are very difficult to break and very easy to fix. They are simple blow-back guns and very smooth-running in long full-auto bursts. Some of our customers who own the 9mm guns liken the full-auto performance to a laser beam.


By using Picatinny rails (MIL-STD-1913) for sights and hand guards, shooters can add a variety of accessories and optics.   The configurations with the Adjustable Bolt System use common AR pattern stocks and grips with hundreds of options currently available. 

Easy-to-Replace Parts

There’s nothing on these guns that can’t be easily replaced.  We designed this system to protect the registered receiver from any wear during use.  The only parts that can wear can be easily replaced without the need to ship the gun back and forth.

Available Service

If you need service, we are here to support our products.

Shoot Cheap Ammo

We typically just shoot steel-cased ammo. Our milled steel trunions easily deal with potential wear issues from any type of ammo.

Can't Get Too Hot

These are ideal for machine-gun shoots. The low-pressure pistol ammo cannot create enough heat in the barrel to cause a malfunction or damage the gun.  There's no gas system to clog, and the open-bolt system negates any cook-off risk.



Spade Grip Setups Also Available:  http://www.brpguns.com/stemple-stg-spade-grip-kit/

Linkup with our other customers via our Stemple STG Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/110088872841613/


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