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Parts and Kits Web Store

Parts and parts kits for MG34, MG42, MG42 Semi Auto, KP31, M37, PPS43, and more.

  • P14 Stock Lot - Damaged
    $68.00 P14 Stock Lot - Damaged
    Original Item:  Four P-14 stocks (wood only) All stocks may be either warped, cracked, chipped, or personalized. All stocks are below grade to sell as premium stocks...

  • BRP Photo CDs (2800 photos)
    $12.95 BRP Photo CDs (2800 photos)
    This 2 CD pack contains 2800 photos of MG34 parts and kits, MG42 parts and kits, a few MP40 pictures, and two FG42s.  Most of the pictures are from our cataloging of MG34 and 42 parts purchased domestically and abroad...