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STEN Trigger Parts

  • MK I Foregrip, STEN
    $25.00 MK I Foregrip, STEN
    Original Item:  Wood only

  • STEN Cover, Trigger Mechanism
    $14.50 Choose Options STEN Cover, Trigger Mechanism
    Original item: worn condition but will work fine (as pictured)   Both type available: Type 1: For 2 x screw mount   Type 2: Spring pressure 'dimple' mount

  • STEN MK V Rear Grip
    $20.00 STEN MK V Rear Grip
    STEN MK V original rear pistol grip    Buy 5 and get them in the original box (unopened)

  • STEN Sear Pin
    $8.00 STEN Sear Pin
    Original item   BE 9081

  • STEN Selector
    $12.00 STEN Selector
    Original item   BE 8575

  • STEN Trigger
    $10.00 STEN Trigger
    Original STEN Trigger

  • STEN Trigger Pin
    $2.50 STEN Trigger Pin
    Original item   BE 9085

  • STEN Tripping Lever
    $6.50 STEN Tripping Lever
    Original item   BE 9079

  • STEN Tripping Lever Pawl (spring)
    $15.75 STEN Tripping Lever Pawl (spring)
    Original item   BE 9080

  • STEN Tripping Lever Pin
    $8.00 STEN Tripping Lever Pin
    Original item   BE 9083