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MG42 Semi Auto

Parts for the BRP designed MG42 Semi Auto. 

(Receivers may not be ordered online. Please call 301-807-5234 to order, FFL Required.)

Reference Drawings (PDF)

Manual (PDF)

Weapons Guild Step by Step Build with BRP Receiver

WW2 Waffenmeister Handbook

MG42 SA Firing Pin Timing

Some useful reference sites for builders:


  • Deluxe MG42 Gunner Kit
    $135.00 Choose Options Deluxe MG42 Gunner Kit
    Yugo mfg: VG condition complete bolt (without stabilizers) 50 rd basket drum Mainspring MG42/53 Extractor Removal Tool Hot Barrel Mitt  (Both types available: Yugo Mitt type and Flat type)Canvas Carrying BagBroken...

  • MG-34, MG42, M53 Hot Barrel Mit
    $35.00 MG-34, MG42, M53 Hot Barrel Mit
    Yugo mfgLooks like German WW2 flat type with leather strap.

  • MG-42/53/3 Short Recoil/Recuperator Screw Set: Front Post, Rear Post and 2 nut (new production)
  • MG42  Front Receiver Bushing
    $75.00 MG42 Front Receiver Bushing
    New Production - copied exactly from an original part. Barrel sleeve not included, show in top picture for reference only.

  • MG42 Gunner Kit
    $60.00 Choose Options MG42 Gunner Kit
    Yugo mfg:Hot Barrel Mitt  (Both types available: Yugo Mitt type and Flat type)Canvas Carrying BagBroken Shell Extractor ToolBooster Scrapper ToolFlash-Hider / Booster Spanner Wrench2 Oil BottlesOilerCleaning RodChamber...

  • MG42 Rivet Kit
    $30.00 MG42 Rivet Kit
    Includes rivets for: buffer tabs rails rear trigger housing / tripod mount trunion (trunion screw also included) barrel stop front tripod mount rear sight bracket barrel door  front sight front AA post ( AA...

  • MG42 Semi-Auto Receiver (FFL Required)
    $1,400.00 MG42 Semi-Auto Receiver (FFL Required)
    Call to Order. Receivers can only be shipped to an FFL. Send license via email to info@brpguns.com or fax to 678-425-9585  Be sure to include the order numer or customer name with the FFL.   Reference Drawings...

  • MG42 Transit Chest
    $315.00 MG42 Transit Chest
    Reproduction of MG42 Transit Chest