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MG42 Semi Auto Trigger Parts

  • MG34/42 Trigger Housing Pins (1 male, 1 female)
    $25.00 MG34/42 Trigger Housing Pins (1 male, 1 female)
    Trigger Housing Mount Pins: mounts trigger housing to receiver

  • MG42 Grip Screw Tools
    $8.00 MG42 Grip Screw Tools
    Set of specially made 1/4 in. drive bits fitted to the size of the MG42 grip screw and nut.

  • MG42 Grips Lot - 13
    $160.00 MG42 Grips Lot - 13
    3 MG42 trigger frames cut for semi front bracketGrips pictured at top are brokenGrips pictured below are in good condition

  • MG42 Semi Trigger Pack (machined)
    $225.00 MG42 Semi Trigger Pack (machined)
    Complete Semi Auto Trigger Pack with KNS Trigger/Hammer Pins for maximum durability Hammer Spring: Medium included only

  • MG42 Semi-Auto Safety Bar
    $25.00 MG42 Semi-Auto Safety Bar
    Allows orignal safety toggle to function with AR-type trigger/hammer setup.

  • MG42/53 Safety Toggle
    $15.00 MG42/53 Safety Toggle
    Y - O markings rather than S - F. M53 Yugo mfg

  • Medium Hammer Spring
    $8.00 Medium Hammer Spring
    Hammer Spring Types:  Medium:  good for just about all makes of 308 and 8mm Heavy: necessary for use with hard-primmered Yugo ammo and other old ammo prone to misfires

  • Heavy Hammer Spring
    $8.00 Heavy Hammer Spring
    (for Yugo ammo)   **** Increasing hammer spring force will reduce firing pin life.  It can also result in pierced primers for some types of ammo.   Hammer Spring Types:  Medium:  good for just...