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MG34 Tools and Accessories

  • MG-34 Brass Catcher
    $40.00 Choose Options MG-34 Brass Catcher
    Original Item: Yugo mfg.

  • MG-34 Pin set
    $10.00 MG-34 Pin set
    All of the pins except for the recuperator are newly manufactured.

  • MG-34 Top Cover Hinge Retaining Pin
    $2.50 MG-34 Top Cover Hinge Retaining Pin
    This is a reproduction of the retaining pin for the top cover hinge pin.  It is countersunk on both end, just as the original, for peening. 

  • MG-34, MG42, M53 Hot Barrel Mit
    $35.00 MG-34, MG42, M53 Hot Barrel Mit
    Yugo mfgLooks like German WW2 flat type with leather strap.

  • MG34 Grip Screw Tools
    $8.00 MG34 Grip Screw Tools
    Set of specially made 1/4 in. drive bits fitted to the size of the MG34 grip screw and nut.

  • MG34 Gunner Kit
    $65.00 Choose Options MG34 Gunner Kit
    Yugo mfg:Hot Barrel MittCanvas carrying bagBroken Shell Extractor ToolBooster Wrench Tool2 Oil BottlesOilerCleaning RodChamber and Bore BrushesPull-ThroughWood-handle pick toolJagAll of the kits are basically the same for...

  • MG34/42 Basket Drum (Yugo)
    $48.00 MG34/42 Basket Drum (Yugo)
    Yugo 50 rd Basket Drum.   

  • MG34/42 Trigger Housing Pin Tools
    $20.00 MG34/42 Trigger Housing Pin Tools
    MG-34/42 Trigger Housing Pin Punch Set ($20 for both tools). A must have for all MG34 and MG42 owners. The Pin Start tool has a conical lead-in that precisely compresses the 'male' 34/42 trigger housing pin spring tabs. The...

  • MG42 / XMG Front Tripod Mount
    $17.50 MG42 / XMG Front Tripod Mount
    MG-42 front tripod mount drilled and counterbored for 6-32 screws (included)   This is the part we install on the MG34 barrel jacket to adapt our XMG rifles to the MG3 ground mount.   Steel with Parkerized...

  • PIAT Cleaning Brush
    $4.50 PIAT Cleaning Brush
    Original PIAT bristle brush. Approximately 12" long with 1.5" diameter brush.    Buy 15 and they come in the original/unopened box.   Also, very useful for cleaning the inside of MG34 & MG42 barrel...